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I Am Not A Poet


The “I Am Not A Poet” poetry campaign was created to inspire people who don’t identify as poets to create and share poetry. This call for poetry was a call for folks to engage with an art form that might seem intimidating or unaccessible due to insecurities and projections of how they were exposed to interacting with poetry via school or life. The stigma with poetry is that it’s an unattainable space for people who don’t consider themselves creatives to express themselves or explore. I wanted to provide a platform for anybody to share poetry even if they don’t see themselves as a poet.

Submissions by:
Anaïs DerSimonian
Cleola Payne
Gelila Yared Feleke
Jeannerva Phillipeaux
Kelly Sweeney
Liv Rhoden
Olivia Eden Brackins
Olivia W.
Simon Freitas
Rediet Emebet Getnet