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Crimson Community Mentorship Program

2018 - Present
Role: Co-Founder

Faith E. Pinho, Co-Founder
Angoori Rana, Co-Founder
Samantha Rivera, Co-Founder
Everett High School
(Everett, MA)

Mentee and Mentor Application infomation via EHS website

Crimson Community Mentorship Program Facebook Page

EHS Graduates Launch ‘Crimson Community’, Everett Independent, July 2019

Everett Public School Committee Meeting Fiscal 2019 Budget Review

The Crimson Community’s mission is to connect Everett High School students and Everett community members through relationship-based mentorships, empowering the students to recognize their potential, and giving them a network to succeed. Founded by Azeb Freitas and Faith Pinho in 2018 but put on hold. In 2019 the project was approved for a six month pilot, and in 2022 the program launched!

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